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Good Climbing

Here in Bergschenhoek climbing is developing.

The Monte Cervino kids-club is increasing, on the day there are loads of schools climbing and in the evening you can now have your personal training guidance as well.
Michel Kleinjan is offering training in the evenings and yesterday was my first session.
I’m a very, extremely, utterly slow climber. And sometimes I should change that.
Mission tonight: (and for a lot of sessions to come) work on endurance, and speed up. Change the thinking, change the movements.
I already had a small climbing session that midday so climbing that evening went even slower then average I think.
This training was my first real training in climbing, ever. I had a watch, measuring my heart-rate, and suddenly had a coach on the other side of the rope (instead of coaching myself in my mind).
It was new, strange and very useful.
In the end we did a ladder-climbing speed training. I was too slow to reach the top in 30 secs. And that whilst my boyfriend holds the ladder-record… and even the ‘beginner’ climbers who were training with Michel were faster then me!
Something to work on I guess.
Now first some Chamonix climbing and then up for the next session.
Thanks Michel!
Want to join the training?
(Everybody can join, beginner climbers, advanced, young, old…you get all your personal schedule on your own level fitting your own personal goals)
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