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Kandersteg pt. 28798346467….

We’re back home again.

Home in our own little campervan at our favourite Winter place Kandersteg.
After the worldcup we’re quite tired of all the travelling, disappointments and the no-real-climbing-stuff.
So we’re here for one week before Dennis’ starts his work/studies again.
No pictures here this time and you might be wondering where are all the little movies she makes every time. Well, I had quite some bad luck with electrical equipment. The only electrical thing this still works is my laptop.
First my pink camera died (the battery doesn’t work anymore…) then my iPhone decided to quit (the screen isn’t working anymore, for the second time, I already replaced the screen with a new one just a couple months ago) then my Suunto watch broke down (advice: don’t buy the Suunto Lumi, cappiest watch ever made by Suunto in less then two years I’d already sent it back to Suunto three times, and had it replaced twice next to that…) and then on top of that all my brand new Contour camera decided to destroy my SD-cards and quit as well… So the only camera working now is Dennis’ small camera and after all the bad luck I don’t dare to touch it.
But at least we’re climbing :)
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