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Klettersteig workshop

What I do for living nowadays is a bit different from that what most people do I guess.

More and more I get into climbing and making a living out of it. Unfortunately I’m not a professional athlete (yet?) but at least I’m getting close to what I like most: climbing.
And climbing has many disciplines.
This Sunday I was invited by climbing gym Monte Cervino (in my hometown) to give a viaferrata workshop for members of the NKBV. (Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Federation)
Most people who attended were mountain walker who wanted to go a little step further. Or some already tried and realised that in the Dolomites some walks are impossible without viaferrata knowledge.
Together with Jeroen and two trainees I gave the workshop. Three-and-a-half hours of viaferrata talks and climbs. How obvious it is to us as climbers how new it is to the ones that have only done the walking bit.
Although the route was quite difficult, especially for non-climbers, most managed to reach the top of the ‘mountain’.
Quite a succes I found.
For anyone interested in the courses. You can still subscribe for the course in Duisburg (just over the border in Germany) For more info, go to the NKBV webpage here.
For more info about viaferrata, go to:
– (equipment, tech tips, special techniques on viaferrata with children)
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